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Converting PSI (velocity) to relative g's

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  • Converting PSI (velocity) to relative g's

    Is there a equation for converting (PSI) Pounds per square inch of air to relative g's

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    Re: Converting PSI (velocity) to relative g's

    It depends on the mass and geometry of the object that the pressure is applied to. The acceleration of an object due to a uniform pressure over the cross sectional area of the object is:

    Acceleration = Pressure * CrossSectionalArea * Cd / Mass

    The Cd value depends on the shape of the object (a cubic block is different than an airfoil). If you perform the calculation in consistant units, you can convert the acceleratoin into g values by dividing the acceleration by earth's gravity (e.g., 9.1 meters/second squared).


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      Re: Converting PSI (velocity) to relative g's

      The mass in this case is the mass of the object to which the pressure is applied, not the mass flow rate of the pressure.