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baby clothing size

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  • baby clothing size

    i received a baby gift from a friend in antwerp. there usually is a size of either age ie newborn, or 0-3 months sometimes including weights of the baby or measurements... but all this cardigan has a label with shop name (c&a) and what it is made of etc and the number 62. what does that mean?

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    Re: baby clothing size

    i searched for c&a baby clothes. there they give a chart for sizes. i copied the chart for other uses. 62 is approximately 2 to 3 months and goes according the height measurment of 62 cm.
    Baby and Childrens Clothing Sizes

    Baby and Childrens Clothing Sizes

    Baby and Childrens Clothing Sizes
    Age Height (cm) Height (in) Europe Australia UK USA
    Newborn 47 - 56 18 - 22 50/56 0000
    2 - 3 Months 56 - 62 22 - 24 62 000 3 Months 000
    3 - 6 Months 62 - 68 24 - 27 68 00 6 Months 00
    6 - 9 Months 68 - 74 27 - 29 74 0 12 Months 0
    9 - 12 Months 74 - 80 29 - 31 80 1 18 Months 0
    12 - 18 Months 80 - 86 31 - 34 86 2 1 Year XXXS
    18 - 24 Months 86 - 92 34 - 36 92 2 16 2 Years XXS
    3 Years 92 - 98 36 - 38 98 18 3 Years
    4 Years 98 - 104 38 - 41 104 20 4 Years
    5 Years 104 - 110 41 - 43 110 22 5 Years XS
    6 Years 110 - 116 43 - 45 116 24 6 Years
    7 Years 116 - 122 45 - 48 122 26 7 Years S
    8 Years 122 - 128 48 - 50 128 8 Years
    9 Years 128 - 134 50 - 52 134 9 Years M
    10 years 134 - 140 52 - 55 140 10 Years


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      Re: baby clothing size

      That is good. I have had terrible luck researching baby clothes. Seems like every other site lists something different. It may depend on the manufacturer, or maybe its starting to get a bit more standardized.


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        Re: baby clothing size

        Hey there!!! I am new to this but I wanted to show you where I get my help on my little girls sizes...
        I boy my brand named girls vlothes here but they have a chart as well
        Check it out --- ok I am new and it wont let me put the url so I will try and cut and paste
        General Size Chart ok that didnt work.. under size charts

        0-3 Months
        6-12 lbs.

        6-9 Months
        13-18 lbs.

        12 Months
        18-22 lbs.

        18 Months
        22-26 lbs.

        24 Months
        26-29 lbs.

        26-29 lbs.

        30-34 lbs.

        34-38 lbs.

        35-39 lbs.

        37-41 lbs.

        40-45 lbs.

        44-50 lbs.

        60 lbs.

        66 lbs.


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          Re: baby clothing size

          When I was starting my infant wear company and researching the whole size issue, I found that there was no standard in infant apparel. Or any apparel item for that matter. This was a bit frustrating. I liked that Gap Kids tended to run true to size or "large" compared to other baby clothes. I have found that because Carter's and Gerber have been around so long and the clothes are so readily available, that people tend to assign their sizing as some sort of norm. Carter's probably was true to size when they started 135 years ago but babies are born bigger now, generally, so the line appears to run small. When designing our line, Stylease, which are one-piece rompers designed to look like separates, it was important to get the sizing just right because a one-piece has to address the trunk length of the baby, in addition to the inseam and arm length. Stylease runs true-to-size, which some would say, runs large. When buying off the web, always ask for a size chart if one is not available. Also consider climate. If the baby lives in a seasonal climate, you can't just get the next size up to be safe, because it might not fit when the weather changes... Just make sure the company has a good exchange or return policy in case you need to swap a size. Happy shopping!


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            Re: baby clothing size

            so a us size 8 girls would be what size in australia as i need size 8 australian equivalent


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              Re: baby clothing size

              I had the same brother in law gave us some clothes from Europe. The best sizing chart (easy to read at a glance) is at littlelunablue .com/Size_Chart


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                Re: baby clothing size

                Am a bit late on the response but in essence, European clothing runs 'true to size' as it is based on the length/height of your child, so 62 is 62cm...etc. (The only marked difference I have noticed is with French sizing, which seems smaller - I think a 62 there means up to 62cm, while in other European sizing a 62 means 62cm to the next size up, which is also how a lot of other places like the UK/Australia seem to work the labelling).

                Saying 0-3 months, while useful in a broad sense, is a little misleading as, for example, my son is already 59cm at 6 weeks old while my daughter was the same after 3 months! She continues to wear smaller clothes (9-12 months at the age of 2), so basically, each baby is different anyway!

                Good luck! :-)


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                  Re: baby clothing size

                  Dose any one know for what age is little girl dress S(4)


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                    Re: baby clothing size

                    Thanks for the size board of childrens. I also want to know the size of womens clothing. Can anyone tell me that?


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                      Re: baby clothing size

                      Generally, when you do a project with a baby simulator, you're not expected to buy items like clothing and diapers for the "baby."As for care, the "babies" are programed with different sequences to cry at different times of the day and for different reasons (hunger, diaper change, discomfort), so it's difficult to offer advice. Just don't make any important plans during the time that you are doing this project, as you never know how it's going to go.


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                        Re: baby clothing size

                        check this


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                          Re: baby clothing size

                          Thank you for this topic!

                          I bought some baby clothes in C & A in Austria last week and it was complete guesswork as to what the sizes are. I was trying to buy some new born but had to buy bigger just in case they were smaller than UK sizes.

                          At least now after reading this thread I have some idea which babies I have presents for!


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                            Re: baby clothing size

                            please can you give me the exact cm sizing for europe for a 12month baby romper please


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                              Re: baby clothing size

                              12 months = 80cm


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