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converting liters to milligrams

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  • converting liters to milligrams

    I'm taking a bio class and I have to convert 10 liters into milligrams. How do i do that? The instructor explained the problem to me, but his words went straight in one ear and out the other.

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    Re: converting liters to milligrams

    Need to know Specific gravity of whatever you're putting into that liter.


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      Re: converting liters to milligrams

      a milligram (mg) is a weight, a liter(L) is a volume. However, you can compare the two using density. The density of water is 1, which means 1 liter of water weighs 1kg at a specific temperature and pressure.

      10L of water weighs 10kg.

      10kg = 10,000g = 10,000,000mg.

      Other substances (paint, blood, milk etc) have different densities, and weigh different amounts.

      Good luck with your class!