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baume to brix and vice versa

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  • baume to brix and vice versa

    How do you convert baume to brix and vice versa? Is there a formula? I am just a dumb cook trying to make sorbets.

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    Re: baume to brix and vice versa

    I do not see any way to convert between them.

    Degree Baumé is a unit of relative density and brix is a unit of proportion.

    Also degree Baumé measures the density of the liquid, while brix only measures the concentration of sugar.


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      Re: baume to brix and vice versa

      but on this site there is a page where you can convert baume to brix, but there is no conversion under 30 degrees brix


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        Re: baume to brix and vice versa

        Right you are, I had forgotten about that page.

        But actually that is not a conversion between the two. Somebody measured both the brix and the Baumé at various sugar contents to create the chart.

        What I can do is search and hopefully find someone who has data for brix below 30. As you can see from scrolling through the values the conversion is not linear.

        I did find a site which lists an approximation here:

        It says at or near harvest, Brix = Baumé * 1.8

        That is slightly off, though may be close enough for cooking. As an example it says the true value for 22 Brix is 12.5 Baumé, but using the above approximation it would equal 12.222 Baumé.

        The approximation seems closer the lower the value, so for Brix under 30 it may be a very good value.


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          Re: baume to brix and vice versa

          thank you! this was very helpful.