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Rings sizes between Saudi Arabia and US

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  • Rings sizes between Saudi Arabia and US

    Hi folks,

    First time questioner..... My finance is in Saudi Arabia and I'm in the US. She just had her ring size checked over there and she's a size 10. As I'm bigger than she is and I'm a size 8 (here in the US), I was wondering is anyone knows what the conversion would be between Saudi sizing and US sizing? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need to buy here engagement ring and wedding band....


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    Re: Rings sizes between Saudi Arabia and US

    Thats a tough one, there are a couple sizing systems they could be using. Diameter in mm, Japanese, and Swiss come to mind.

    Anyway you can have her measure her finger? Have her wrap a thin piece of paper around her finger and mark where they meet and measure the paper. That would give us the circumference of her finger.


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      That's dificult to find but #8 size in the USA is equal to 18.2 mm. Easy way is measuring finger.