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  • CC's to Horsepower

    I am trying to fing the convertion of CC's vs the horsepower. When I say CC i mean cubit Inches power. Like a small engines are in cc's so how many cc's are in a horsepower?



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    Re: CC's to Horsepower

    First, squeeze as much info out of this
    as you can.

    For car engines the displacement and hp are published so you can make a graph and fit a straight line using Excel. The more cars you graph the more accurate the line.

    For small engines you may have trouble finding this info.

    Since hp = TQ x RPM/5252 and gas/diesel engines vs motors have different speed/torque curves it might be better to ask 'What TQ and RPM do you need?'.

    Maybe this is why it's so hard to nail down this equivalence.
    But I do think that with enough data some equivalence can be found in a statistical sense but the correlation may be weak.

    I can't seem to let this question go.
    If you have a variable speed application then the area under the torque/speed curve will give you the average hp for a motor or an engine.
    For a fixed speed application compare the torque for each at that fixed speed and then use the formula above.

    "Ask and ye' shall receive!"
    With the list of cc, hp and rpm shown you can use Excel to calculate correlations between pairs of these, three pairs in all.
    But, there are many ways to slice and dice these data, depending on your goal.
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      Re: CC's to Horsepower

      For marine outboards only, the correlation between cc and hp is 0.988 and the formula is
      cc =
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        Re: CC's to Horsepower

        Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
        When I say CC i mean cubit Inches power
        To be picky, cc stands for cubic centimeter not cubic inch.


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          Re: CC's to Horsepower

          all the articles had horsepower to CC at around 25/30 CC's to 1 HP. Seems like alot but I went to a small engine webpage.So there it is for what it's worth.