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conversion differential pressure to flow

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  • conversion differential pressure to flow

    I'm using propane gas and this gas goes through a hose a toa warmer device.
    I can measure the gas pressure in psig from the meter on the gas provider and I have the hose diameter and some people told me that the pressure when the gas goes out to the air tho start the flame is 0 psig. So they told me tahta with this thing I can calculate the flow in the hose. I have to calculate this because I have to buy a flow sensor but I need to know what's the upper range flow in order to buy it.

    Please if you have any formula that could help me I 'd be grateful. Thanks.

    pd : Soryy for my grammar mistakes but my native language is spanish.

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    Re: conversion differential pressure to flow


    If you look at the regulator on your cylinder, it will have 2 dials. One measures the pressure in the cylinder, and the other is on the outlet side, and shows what pressure the gas is being delivered at. The outlet side won't really be zero, it will just be close to zero, and it will have been set to that delivery rate. If you put the nozzle close to your wet finger when it is running. you will be able to feel a slight breeze. I'm assuming you want to buy a sensor that will measure this low flow rate, so it will be less than the first division on the outlet side of your regulator. It would be worth considering getting a better regulator, which will control the flow better, too.