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Conversion of bits, Mhz to Mbps

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  • Conversion of bits, Mhz to Mbps

    As subject:


    Been struggling for a while on converting bus speeds and transfers (per cycle I believe) into Mbps quantities e.g. I know that:
    - an ISA bus of 16bits @ 8Mhz = 16Mbps
    - an EISA bus of 32bits @ 8Mhz = 32Mbps
    - a VESA bus of 32bits @ 25Mhz = 100Mbps
    So my initial believe was a straight X bits * Y Mhz = Z Mbps, however the mathematics isn't that simple.

    I do have a working formula of:
    (X bits * Y Mhz) / 8

    which converts the numbers, however I'm at a loss to explain why you need to divide by 8, other than convert the final figure to Bytes which wasn't what I expected.

    Anyone explain this in more detail?

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    Re: Conversion of bits, Mhz to Mbps

    OK found this, which may answer my questions (well give me a definitive conversion list)

    Which explains the /8 to turn it into a metric MBps value from a Mbps value, that is calculated as X bits * Y Mhz = Z Mbps


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      Re: Conversion of bits, Mhz to Mbps

      The Herts (hz) is a term meaning 1/second, so:
      bits * mega/second = megabits/second

      Assuming there are 8 bits in a byte:
      (megabits/second) / 8 = megabytes/second

      It looks as though your numbers are not coming out correct because different busses have different number of bits/byte. Some are 8 bits/byte so you would divide by 8, others have 10 or 11 bits per byte.

      Also keep in mind that for base 2 there are 1024 bits in a kilobit, while in base 10 there are 1000 bits in a kilobit. I believe that modems use the metric base 10.


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        Re: Conversion of bits, Mhz to Mbps

        please I would like convert
        1 Kbps (débit) --> ? MHz (fréquence)