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  • lbs.

    can someone tell me how many pounds of pecans are in a gallon?

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    Re: lbs.

    For pecans as shown in the images below, typical weights appear to be as follows:
    Pecan pieces - 3.5 lbs./gallon
    Pecan halves - 3.6 lbs./gallon (up to 4 lbs./gallon, note below)
    Whole (in-shell) pecans - 4.8 lbs./gallon

    If you want to be sure you have enough pecans to fill a container to the brim, you may want to raise the estimates above by 10-15% or so. For example, the tub of pecan halves shown below comes in at a heavier equivalent of 4 lbs./gallon, possibly because the flexible top allows some overfilling:

    If you'd like to see these products in their original context, here are the links:
    Whaley Pecan Company, Inc. (pecan halves and pieces)

    Great South Pecan, Inc. (whole in-shell pecans)
    Disclaimer--I have no particular expertise concerning pecans (beyond an ability to enjoy a good pecan pie). My estimates come only from the information sources cited above.