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Rock salt - tons to cubic yards

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  • Rock salt - tons to cubic yards

    Hi folks,
    A first timer on your forum. We do commercial snow removal in Vermont and have been purchasing our salt by the ton delivered. I have slips ranging from 15.57 tons to 22.65 tons. How would I convert these figures to cubic yards? I know that the deliveries were made with dump trucks but not with dump trailers. This would mean that the yardage should fall between approximately 14 yards upwards to maybe 20 yards. I am hoping that someone might be able to help.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Rock salt - tons to cubic yards

    I figure the Salt Institute ought to know:

    They say 72 lb/ft, which is 1944 lb/yd or 0.972 US ton/yd.

    However, expressed in metric this is 1154 kg/m and other sources, which normally agree better, are all over the place from 801 to 1280 kg/m.

    All these figures are for "dry" salt. It is pretty hygroscopic and can absorb quite a bit of water too, depending on storage.


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      Re: Rock salt - tons to cubic yards

      Thank you John. I think that figure seems accurate considering, as you said, the moisture content. Thanks again!