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converting rods into acres

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  • converting rods into acres

    I am looking for someone to tell me how many acres is in the following piece of property. The property description states:

    Commencing at a point on the Section line 71 rods West of the Northeast corner of the NW 1/4;
    thence West along the Section line 35 rods;
    thence South 21 rods, more or less to the center of the road;
    thence Southeasterly 38 rods, more or less, along the center of the said road;
    thence North 36 rods, more or less, to the point of the beginning.

    Thank you and I would like to know how you did it? The conversion to do it. I could not find how to do a polygram on the web.
    Thank you,

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    Re: converting rods into acres

    Is there only the description? I could do it from a picture, labled in rods. But the description seems overly complex and cryptic.