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kg/ha vs lbs/acre, etc.

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  • kg/ha vs lbs/acre, etc.

    I edit an online journal that is accessible worldwide, so for articles by non-U.S. authors I like to add U.S. measurement equivalents (e.g. acres for hectares), and vice versa for articles by U.S. authors.

    The problem I am encountering in the current issue I'm working on is with measurements like the following:

    kg/ha vs. lbs/acre

    ug/g vs... I don't even know what the equivalent might be...

    and then some of the really more difficult ones like:

    mmhos/ there even any logical conversion?

    In fact I'm beginning to wonder if it even makes any sense to try to convert these "fraction measurements". I mainly provide the basic conversions because it seems like a good way to help readers understand the various articles I publish. But with measurements like this I am getting way out of my depth. I would be especially interested to hear what those of you who work in various agricultural and ecological fields think about this, as that's the general area most of the articles I publish fall into.

    (BTW, for those of you who are wondering what on earth this publication could be, it's the Arid Lands Newsletter, published by the Office of Arid Lands Studies at the University of Arizona; I'm the editor.


    K Waser

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    Re: kg/ha vs lbs/acre, etc.

    You can convert unknown units by converting the base units and using algegra.

    For example, if you wanted to convert meter/kilogram to foot/pound, first convert the basics.

    1 meter = 3.28 foot
    1 kilogram = 2.2 pound

    Now using algebra we create the conversion factor.

    meter/kilogram * (3.28 / 2.2) = foot/pound
    meter/kilogram * 1.49 = foot/pound

    Works out the same way with units such as kilogram/hectare to pound/acre, etc.

    I have added these to my to-do list, not sure why those units are not already on the site, but I will try to add them soon.


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      Re: kg/ha vs lbs/acre, etc.

      there are lbs/A*1.12=kg/ha