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  • battery capacity/power

    does any one know how to convert a battery of 490 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), which is supposed to be 630 Marine Cranking Amps (MCA) to the european standard? maybe that is the international standard.
    ....Ah Ampere hour
    so a battery of 200Ah can deliver a current of 10 Amps for 20 hours (you shouldn't draw all that, you'll ruin the battery)

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    Re: battery capacity/power

    Units such as CA (cranking amps), CCA (cold cranking amps), and MCA (marine cranking amps) are the number of amps a battery can supply for 30 seconds at a specific temperature.

    CA - 0 C
    CCA - 0 F
    MCA - 32 F

    So you would take amperes multiply by the time in hours, which is (30 / 60 / 60) = 1/120 hours.

    490 amperes * 1/120 hours = 4.08 ampere hours at 0 F

    You cant directly convert between CA, CCA, and MCA, because its at a different temperature. Same with converting to the european standard. So to avoid confusion always included the temperature it was measured at.