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How much medicine should I give?

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    Thanks for that information on potency. I think I saw the relationship between the 2 mL 240 mg 120 mg/mL and mentally reduced the value to a ratio because the second expression of potency of 60 got me confused.

    Yes, I was asking about the concentration value. I am of the same opinion that a different concentration may cause different effects, and was wondering how that should be handled.

    I think it would be done by a further multiplication step of solvent or gel addded to the volume from before, for example

    I have medicine in a 2.0ml tube, that contains 240mg of the active ingredient and a potency (mg/ml) of 120. I need to administer 45mg (potency of 60). How many ml is that?

    45 mg x 2 mL / 240 mg =0.375 mL
    120 mg/mL / 60mg/mL= 2
    x 0.375 mL = 0.75 mL final volume at 60 mg/mL potency?
    0.75 mL - 0.375 mL = 0.375 mL of solvent

    I think this is correct, but I feel like this answer is too.. janky. Calculating the solvent after the final volume seems like it's too much of a bodgejob. Is there a better way to express this?


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      I went all the way back to the 1st post, which originally states two different potencies, 120 mg/mL and 60 mg/mL. A little confusing. I think Mrs X explained in a later post that the sell it in both concentrations to handle the "too small" a dose issue. If there is a real need to apply at 60 mg/mL, either by the right one or add some "neutral" jell to further dilute it after you figure out how much of the 120 mg/mL to use.

      I think just ignore the 60 mg/mL and focus on the dose (45 mg) for that size animal or mass mass-based dosing mg/kg of animal weight, and use the concentration you actually have in the dose determination.