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  • Spring rates

    I am trying to convert a spring rate of 1.05 kg/mm to lbs/inch. I have calculated roughly 60 lbs/inch, but I'm not convinced this is right. Can anyone confirm if I am close here?


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    In general your estimation is correct. However there are springs which have a variable spring constant, for example conical springs with a constant pitch will have a variable constant along the displacement vector.

    There are 25.4 mm in an inch, so you would need 26.67 kg to compress the spring 1 inch.
    Converting the 26.67 kg to lbs results in 58.797 lbs.
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      Cheers mr cheez. The spring is linear rate. The drawing states 1.05 kg/mm but a document I'm working with says the rate is 27 lbs/in. I just wanted to ensure I hadn't missed something. The document is clearly wrong, and thanks to the way you presented the numbers I can see how. Thanks again.