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Point Load on a block wall on a steel beam

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  • Point Load on a block wall on a steel beam

    If I have a point load on a wall of 40kN. this is acting as a point load at the mid point on 6m long wall, the wall is 2m tall and the beam is 6m (10kN/m2) long. (Total load of wall 120kN), will the point load be changed to partial UDL (PUDL) acting on the beam.
    so then beam will have a UDL acting on the full length of the beam of 20kn/m for the 6m = (120kN)
    & a PUDL starting after the 1m mark 8kn/m and finishing at the 5m mark giving a total of 40kN
    or do I put a Point Load of 40kN at the 3m Mark.

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    Sorry, I'm an electrical engineer. I can struggle through a simple bending beam. It seems obvious that the concrete partially distributes the load (as does flooring on flooring support beams), but I don't really know how to handle it. I'd be guessing. I don't thin we have any MEs who regularly respond here.