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    How many ml is 2.5 mgs of flucort

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    Flucort seems to have different ingredients depending on the country.

    In the U.S. it seems most often used for ear drops and other countries have it in many things including lotions. We might be able to look up more information if you let us know the delivery method.


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      Like most medicines, this seems to be sold in very dilute concentrations in a buffer cream or solution of basically inert ingredients.

      One example that I found an image of with label was a 20 g tube of skin cream in 0.025% concentration, w/w (weight/weight). That would be 0.005 g (5 mg) of the active ingredient in the whole 20 g tube.

      You need to find the total declared net contents of the tube or bottle you have, then the concentration statement in percent and whether it is w/w, v/v, or w/v.