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  • ppm help required

    i have a 60% solution of H202 which is then diluted at 3 parts to 1. 9 litres of this solution is then added to 100000 litres of water. how many ppm is this and can someone show me the formula to work this out many thanks

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    Is that first dilution 3 parts H2O2 to 1 part water or vice versa?


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      3 parts H20 to 1 part H202


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        There are some minor complications like what is the basis of the 60%, mass/mass or mass volume or volume/volume, and volume isn't strictly conserved when diluting strong solutions. So there are some minor approximations. If you dilute to 4x the original volume, about the same as adding three parts water, it is now 15% H2O2, and 9 L of solution is 1.35 L of H2O2 and the rest water. Concentration is 1.35 L/100 009L or just under 13.5 rpm, with the rpm figures on the same (unknown) basis as the initial percentage.