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How to convert m3/hr to kg/hr in lpg

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  • How to convert m3/hr to kg/hr in lpg

    Can any body help me on this

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    Originally posted by Laurent View Post
    Can any body help me on this
    In all cases of conversion between volume and mass, you need to know the density of the material. In the case of lpg, are you measuring the volume as a gas or a liquid, and at what conditions? Also what is the composition of your lpg?

    In the US and Canada, lpg must be >95% propane, and you can pretty well use propane data. In other countries, it is often a seasonal mix of primarily propane and butane to control the vapor pressure, and you need the mixture percentage. If measuring as a (pressurized) liquid, the volume will vary with temperature, but around 0.51 kg/L for propane, around 0.55 kg/L for propane/butane mix at room temperature. As a gas, it will vary with both temperature and pressure, at 0 C, 101.325 kPa, it will depend on composition but around 1.6 kg/m for propane, 2.5 kg/m for propane/butane mix.