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  • Raspberries

    Raspberries are sold in 6 oz containers. I need 6 quarts. How many 6 oz containers do I need to buy?

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    There are 32 ounces in a quart.

    32 ounces/quart * 6 quarts = 192 ounces / 6 ounces/container = 32 containers

    There is a difference between liquid and dry quarts, 37.236 fluid ounces in a dry quart making it about 37 containers. Raspberries would generally be sold in dry quarts I imagine.


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      My estimate is at least 24, and I recommend at least a couple extra because the answer involves approximations, and you can always enjoy the leftover fresh raspberries.

      In this context, both ounces and quarts introduce opportunity for confusion. Ounces can refer to either weight (16 oz = 1 lb) or fluid volumes (128 fl oz = 1 (liquid) gallon). But terms like gallon, quart, and pint also add confusion because there are two of each, one fluid measure, one dry measure. The fluid gallon is 231 in³, while the dry gallon is 268.8 in³, 16.4% bigger.

      Berries may be sold by either weight or dry measure, so the 6 oz is certainly weight (the other legal choice would be dry half-pints, pints, quarts, etc.). Berries and other small round fruit run approximately 48 pounds per bushel, 6 lb per dry gallon, or 1.5 lb per dry quart. (Note: Every form of produce has its own bushel weight.) I assume your recipe is calling for 6 dry quarts or 9 pounds. As there are 16 ounces in a pound, 9 lb x 16 oz/lb x 1 package/6 oz = 24 packages.


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        Dear Robert & John,
        Thank you for you concise, helpful and timely replies! They are very helpful! As this was my first posting, your replies solved my problem! I am grateful for your help as well as taking the chance on a site I have never tried!
        Take care & have a wonderful week.