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problem of part per million PPM

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  • problem of part per million PPM

    How can I calculate a flow rate of contaminate (liquid L/d) if the data that I have is that the concentration is PPM=10 and the flow rate (volumetric) of the general mix is 2000 L/d and the density of the mix is 0.845 kg/L??
    I solved this by this way:
    mg of contaminate =10mg/L*2000L/d = 20000mg/d = 0.02kg/d
    with the density calculate the flow rate = 0.02 kg/d/0.845 kg/L = 0.023 L/d of contaminant
    Is that right? I hope you can help thanks

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    If you're trying to get liters per day of contaminate, and you have liters per day of flow for the general mix and the concentration of the contaminate, kilograms per liter seems kind of irrelevant to me, tbh


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      Can you explain it more briefly may be I can help you in it.
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