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Need help calculating a 5 sided property

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  • Need help calculating a 5 sided property

    Please can someone show me how to use the calculator in order to determine the acreage of my property per a survey?

    N 10 34 19 E 168.03
    N 82 55 22 E 160.00
    S 09 31 34 W 324.45
    S 83 06 13 W 95.70
    N 11 50 12 W 151.02

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    Our traverse calculator is at

    Entering lengths is straightforward. There are three potential issues with angles:
    1. Every line points two ways. The surveyor may have shot the line in the opposite direction of your traverse (walk-around). If this occurs, reverse both letters. It is not a problem in your data.
    2. The degrees minutes seconds must be separated by slashes, not ° ' ". Your first angle becomes 10/34/19 (not a division just a weird separator)
    3. Surveyors use quadrantal angles 0 to 90 degrees east or west of north or south. Our calculator uses 0°- 360° bearings like a compass. Quadrantals must be converted depending on the two letters.
    NE: Use as is
    SE: Subtract from 180° (you don't have one)
    SW: Add to 180°
    NW: Subtract from 360°
    On the subtractions, remember to do the base-60 math for the minutes and seconds (yes, it's a PITA)

    I would check your data for possible typos. The figure does not close well. Entering the data results in a residual 6th side of about 10 ft. Surveying standards are 1 part in 10000, so closure error should be less than 0.09 ft. (your perimeter is about 900 ft)
    Based on the direction and distance, I suspect that perhaps the 160 ft side is really 150 ft, as that gives almost perfect closure. Any of the figures could be in error, but that is the most likely suspect.

    If 160 is correct, you need to check all the figures and resolve the error. However, the area with residual 6th side is 44626 ft² (1.024 acre). It is not too far wrong

    If 150 ft, area is 43025 ft², or 0.988 acre (an acre is 43560 ft²). That closure is excellent (0.005 ft),nearly 20X better than surveying standard.