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Calculating Nitrogen consumption

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  • Calculating Nitrogen consumption

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to this and the forum so please bare with me. I have been given the mission to calculate the nitrogen consumption by our oven.

    The system I'm dealing with is:

    Nitrogen enters the oven so we get better solder joints, the oven temperature varies. Nitrogen flows from the tank to various machines in the shop. I need to calculate the nitrogen cost per board.

    This is what I have so far:

    Flow rate into the oven is set at 820 SCFH
    Oven is running with Nitrogen for 17.90667 minutes / unit
    Nitrogen cost is $929.43 for 45437 FT^3

    What I calculated:

    -I divided time (17.90667) by 60 to get the results in hours. (0.298444 hour/unit)
    - I multiplied the flow rate by duration (820*0.298444)=244.7244444

    Then I did the following:

    244.724444 costs X dollars, 45437 FT^3 costs $929.43. x=(244.7244444*929.43)/45437 this results in a grand total of $5.005926 of Nitrogen per board.

    Did I calculate this right? Am I thinking correctly about this?

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    I guess my question is if I need to correct the results to pressure and temperature.


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      You are thinking correctly about this, but your answer is wrong, because you're using SCFH, and you should be using ACFH.

      SCFH is only valid for the "standard" condition for pressure as variously defined as an absolute pressure of 101,325 pascals (Atmospheric pressure), 1.0 bar (i.e., 100,000 pascals), 14.73 psia, or 14.696 psia and the "standard" temperature is variously defined as 68 F, 60 F, 0 C, 15 C, 20 C, or 25 C.

      You can solve this by determining the standard your unit uses, and then converting to ACFH by resolving for ACFH in SCFH = ACFH * (Pa/Ps) * (Ts/Ta) where P and T are the parameters Pressure and Temperature, and a and s are the Actual and Standard values for the aforementioned parameters, and then using ACFH in place of your SCFH from the oven.
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