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    I have to install a large battery onto a concrete slab, i have been investigating this and the Live load for the slab is 3kn/m2 + 1kn/m2 imposed. The battery is an approx 0.428m2 and weighs 1594kg. I am trying to work out the dimension required and also thickness of a steel spreader plate to help support the weight.
    Any helpers out there??

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    It weighs one and one half tonnes and is less than half a meter square?

    Your concrete slab seems very weak, it appears to only support 306kgm static. For an installation with these parameters you would need a spreader plate that will not deform under weight. I know that at minimum your support plate will need to be 12.2m + however much the plate itself weighs (if the plate weighs 600 kg then the plate would need to be 17m) But I don't know what kind of steel you would need. This is a conversion forum, not a structural engineering forum.


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      Let me start by saying I am not a structural engineer and I think you need one. I can identify some issues, but I am not qualified to design a solution for you.

      Looking at data from Engineering Toolbox, I have to agree with the comment that your slab seems pretty weak; you may wish to review slab thickness vs the number you have been given

      Typically, gravity is taken as 9.81 m/s or 9.81 N/kg, so your static load is
      1594 kg x 9.81 N/kg / 0.428 m = 36.54 kN/m

      You need a very large, rigid (probably heavy) spreader plate and you need to consider its weight too. Hopefully, some of your data is wrong and the problem is more manageable. If it is correct, you certainly need a structural engineer, and you may need a major modification. Is this a supported slab on beams? If so you also need to consider where the beams are, and spread the load directly to the beams, and you may need to consider the allowable beam loading.

      The figure you are given is for a uniform load over the entire slab. You really need a figure for a point load wherever the battery will be relative to the supporting beams.