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How many 25 mg pill of Elavil equates to 5400 ng/ml?

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  • How many 25 mg pill of Elavil equates to 5400 ng/ml?

    My daughter passed and I received her toxicology and autopsy after MONTHS of hounding the coroners office. She was on 200 mg / day (25 mg pills) of Elavil. Her toxicology states she had 5400 ng/ml. Trying to figure out how many 25 mg pills that is and why it was not found in her stomach if she died within minutes. Just a desperate mom looking for answers the last 15 months that nobody seems to want to help me find. Nothing with my daughters death makes sense.

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    Hello, I am sorry for your loss.
    Unfortunately we are not physicians or pharmacists here, so our help is limited to what information is publicly available and we can find.
    One thing I found is that blood levels of amitriptyline vary significantly from one person to another, and amitriptyline interacts with many other medications potentially aggravating its side effects.
    Are you positive that she had 5400 nanograms/mililiter (ng/ml) in her test, or is it 5400 micrograms/mililiter, (g/ml)?
    5400 g/ml is almost certainly incompatible with life according to my research.
    An option that may be available to you, at your expense, is to have a forensic examination review of your daughter's post mortem.


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      Looking at her toxicology now and clearly states 5400 ng/mL. And here is another thing...her toxicology report was requested by the police as well as my attorney from August 2021. The coroner's office responded to my attorney FINALLY in February 2022 the SAME exact date the remaining samples were destroyed. An autopsy was conducted at the time of her death with no irregular findings. My daughter was cremated and not sure what more that can be done with additional testing now. Thank you for the information you have provided. this is very helpful.


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        If the coroner's report states that she had 5400 ng/ml, 5400 ng/ml is 5.4 g/ml