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nmol/kg conversion to ug/kg

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  • nmol/kg conversion to ug/kg

    I feel like my calculations are off, but this should be pretty simple.

    Dose response study doses at
    4.21, 14.04, 42.13, 84.27, and 140.45 nmol/kg

    I need to determine total amount of ug per dose, for an 80kg person.

    the g/mol of the drug is 711.9 g/mol

    My calculations show that this converts to 3ug/kg all the way up to 100ug/kg.

    If that is correct, then that means an 80kg person is being dosed 8,000ug, which is way way higher than all dosage indications for this drug product. Usual dosing is in the 100-500ug range.

    Where am I going wrong?

    thank you!

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    Your math seems correct as I get the same results. I can't comment on whether the dose is appropriate.