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Please help coffee cup from 1980 vs lead

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  • Please help coffee cup from 1980 vs lead

    hello my mother has been ill for some time now. We came across am article about dinnerware containing lead. We took one of her coffee cups that she has been using daily since the 80's to our health department to be analyzed. It cane back as 0.4 mg/cm² for lead. I'm am trying to figure out if this is considered a high amount of lead for today's standards. I know any amount of lead is not good but from what I can tell to be FDA compliant a coffee cup cannot contain more than 2ppm. Am I calculating that this cup contains 400 pmm? received_597960151966946.jpg
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    This test appears to be a representation of lead testing. It may have 0.4mg/cm2, but that does not indicate how much lead leeches into the products put into it.
    A correct test uses a leeching solution which is measured in mg/mL, and is a more appropriate measure to determine the concentration of lead in a human body.
    Various construction methods of pottery can vary the amount of lead they leech into the products they hold
    I don't know of latest FDA data, but one source, CPG Sec. 545.450 Pottery (Ceramics); Import
    and Domestic - Lead Contamination, released in 1980 and last updated in 2005 indicates a limit of 0.5 mg/mL


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      It is difficult to accurately determine the level of lead in a vintage coffee cup, the level of lead in coffee from 1980 would likely be different than the level of lead in coffee today. The amount of lead would likely be considered high by today's standards. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed that 0.4 mg/cm² of lead represents an excessive concentration and can cause adverse health effects. It means that if you have a vintage coffee cup with this level of lead, you should take action to remove it from your home or place where it can readily contact people.