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does g/Nm3 same as g/m3?

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  • does g/Nm3 same as g/m3?

    hello, i am struggling with g/Nm3. does it same like g/m3? and how to convert g/Nm3 to mg/m3

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    Nm is an (unofficial) abbreviation for normal cubic meters, that is not the real volume of the gas (at actual temperature and pressure) but the volume the gas would occupy at "normal" temperature and pressure, usually 0 C, 101.325 kPa. The problem is that different industries use different normal or standard conditions. Assuming this is some kind of particulates in air pollution, measure at actual volume, pressure and temperature, then reduce the volume to "normal" conditions by the Ideal Gas Law. If this is to meet emissions requirements for stack gas, check the law carefully, you may also have to adjust for water vapor to get "dry stack gas" and/or measure residual oxygen in the stack gas, because you can't arbitrarily mix excess air to dilute pollution.

    If you are not familliar with the law and required calculations, you may need to hire someone who is.