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    Originally posted by jeanetteEC View Post
    how do you convert pounds per cubit feet to kilograms per meters cubed
    (lb/ft) x 0.45359237 kg/lb x (1 ft/0.3048 m) = (kg/m)

    If you multiply out the numeric factors, multiply by 16.0185


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      Architect has provided kitchen extension plan but I'm confused by scale. For example , one length on the plan says ' 875 ' but the actual length when I measure it is 789. The plan shows the following info : Scale 1:100 1:50 and then it says ' Scale 1:50. @A3 ' I need to understand the formula / conversion so I can check further measurements.Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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        Scale 1:50 @ A3 indicates that when the plan is printed to an A3 sheet 1 inch on the plan equals 50 inches on the plot. It's possible that the plan has been truncated, usually marked by some kind of symbol on the line that has been truncated, but without seeing the plan, or knowing what size paper it's printed on I can't advise why it's short.