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  • Land Area spreadsheet

    Here is a spreadsheet (pending link approval) for finding the area of a region bounded by a curve. The method used is Gaussian quadrature. It may seem strange to anyone who hasn't studied calculus, but it does work.

    It is for regions bounded by smooth curves.

    You measure the length all the way across, and the spreadsheet tells you where to measure the heights. You then measure those 7 heights, and the spreadsheet gives you the area.

    The accuracy is incredible. I tried this on a circle whose area is pi, and got 3.146. That's a 0.2% with only 7 measurements.
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    Re: Land Area spreadsheet

    Spreadsheet is no longer accessible.

    I used a free irregular area calculator for this sort of thing.

    Being able to calculate curves would be very handy, and I understand this will be possible soon, but not sure if that will be free?