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  • GPS Coordinate Conversions - EXCEL

    I arrived here for the first time this morning to check on a conversion and found the confirmation I needed quite quickly. Interesting site, so I registered, as I may be able to assist on some other issues.

    I do a lot of Military Research, primarily related to the Great War of 1914-1919 which involves a lot of map interpretation to locate grave sites and trenches from battles. A great deal of this I have put up on Google Earth in KMZ files (they are rebuilding those at present due to major changes at Google). I found myself often needing to convert GPS co-ordinates on-the-fly so I made a little Excel spreadsheet that I keep on my Smartphone. If I knew how to write an App I would do that but I don't.

    Here is the simple spreadsheet you can download from my company web site:

    (OOPS! It won't let me add the link as I am a new user. ) There is no method to disable BB code on this forum so I altered the link so it is not active. You will have to add the http part back in at the beginning to make the link work.

    If any of you are into TRENCH MAPS, visit that specific page on my CEFSG MATRIX Project here:

    You will have to change all the xxxx to read http.

    [Mod Edit to http:] -JS
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    Re: GPS Coordinate Conversions - EXCEL

    I've editted the links to "http:" so they are active.

    The Excel program converts longitude/latitude formats among:
    Decimal Degrees
    Degrees-decimal minutes
    Degrees-minutes-decimal seconds.


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      Re: GPS Coordinate Conversions - EXCEL

      I cant download the excel program can you assist. I get a 404 error


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        Re: GPS Coordinate Conversions - EXCEL

        Originally posted by jmould View Post
        I cant download the excel program can you assist. I get a 404 error
        Sorry, the file is not on this site. The original poster placed it on his company site, and it is now taken down. It only changes between three degree formats, which is relatively trivial. I get the same error as you.

        What exactly do you need to convert (from and to)? We may have a converter or be able to refer you to one.