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Volume-to-weight conversions

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  • Volume-to-weight conversions

    Just wanted to point out that it's not impossible to work out volume-to-weight conversions (as intimated by the FAQ: www dot onlineconversions dot com/faq_03 dot htm), as some people have already done it for you.

    www dot gourmetsleuth dot com/cookingconversions dot asp -- actually is a converter, i.e. you don't have to do any maths at all -- just tell it what ingredient and what you're starting with. Downside: limited units to pick from, the ingredient detector is not that smart.

    The following are charts, i.e. will convert e.g. 1/2 cup of butter to 4 oz/113 gms, etc.

    www dot culinarycafe dot com/UK_US dot html
    http semi-colon slash slash chocolateandzucchini dot com/archives/2006/09/conversions_equivalents dot php
    www dot fareshare dot net/conversions-volume-to-weight dot html

    I've also got a feeling there was a much better actual converter around, but google is not longer finding it -- anyone else have any ideas?
    I figure there are plenty of people like me who just want to get a feel for the amounts needed in the recipe... and who don't have time/energy/money to by kitchen scales now.

    P.S. Sorry about no direct links -- I'm not a member (and I'm not going to be -- I'm not that fervent a netcook (?) ) so can't post them -- maybe you will, Mr/Ms Admin?