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Horizontal cylindrical tanks and more

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  • Horizontal cylindrical tanks and more

    I found the link below while trying to answer a question about a horizontal cylindrical tank with elliptical ends.

    While Robert has a calculator for horizontal cylindrical tanks with flat and hemispherical ends, this handles a couple of special cases. The derivation is based on calculus rather than geometrical soultion.

    It handles horizontal cylindrical tanks with elliptical ends, treating flat and hemispherical as special cases (r = 0 and r = R). It also handles the case where the "cylinder" actually has an elliptical cross-section, like a fuel tanker. (see the note at the very end of the page, it's almost an afterthought)


    Robert: You may want to consider adopting this approach as a "unified" theory of horizontal, cylindrical tanks.

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    Re: Horizontal cylindrical tanks and more

    Very nice design. Providing not only the calculators but descriptions as well.


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      Re: Horizontal cylindrical tanks and more

      The page above has been moved, and somewhat rewritten. The new calculator will also handle tanks installed at an angle. The new page is