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Various Construction Mediums - Conversion of volumes/cubes <&> mass/weight, densitie

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  • Various Construction Mediums - Conversion of volumes/cubes <&> mass/weight, densitie

    well, never mind....
    new user can't post URLs on this.
    just how am I supposed to share this, I have no idea.

    send me a request, I guess.
    \b. reg.

    I could not find anything online that provides the ability to easily ("one click") convert US units of volume (cubic yards, feet, etc.) or mass (avdp pounds, tons, etc.) into metric units of measure, and back again.

    ... for various, typical median mediums, such as "gravel" or "solid limestone" or "wet clay" etc.

    I made a spreadsheet that I think accomplishes same.

    I would appreciate your input, on whether this is helpful or not.
    ... and let me know if I inadvertantly made any really stupid calcuation or conversion errors.

    It may be downloaded from our tools web site for clients and contractors, once I confirm that it is working correctly.

    Typical specific densities and weights are referenced from READE.

    The spreadsheet (ms .xls) is available from x {a web URL that I am not allowed to publish. real helpful here, guys. Hint: if you were looking for a STABILIzerGRID, and lost the lower case letters, and added a BIZ domain at the end, you might be able to find something like this.}

    other formats (quattropro .QPW, Lotus .123, basic, etc.) are also available, ask me to send it to you in other formats if you don't do ms or corel...

    all criticisms are welcome. thanks.

    mit freundlichen grüßen / best regards,
    lazy r mark